Lend more with confidence.

For Lenders

A fundamental shift to padlock funds and schedule to drive efficiency.

Successfully Manage Your Money

From the very beginning, our app was inspired by a challenge we received from one of the largest and most respected Lenders in our initial market. This seasoned, and well-known Lender challenged us early with the following, “Find a Way to put a Padlock on the Budget and Schedule for a Flip”. The Flip Factory App is our answer to his challenge, and we believe it does just that.

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Reduce Risk & Exposure

  • The Schedule of Values is published (Lender, Investor, and GC view only) and cannot be deviated from without a Change Order
  • The Investor Releases SOV Lines ahead of the GC issuing Subcontracts, and has a Phase by Phase Sign-Off requirement.
  • Funds are held in the Project Wallet for direct distribution to the Subcontractor / Material Provider.
  • Fund transfers are only triggered by an Invoice and require authorized approval.
  • 24/7 transparency with geo-tagged progress photos submitted directly by Subcontractors.

Increase Speed of Delivery

  • Expert Templates freely provided to help the Investor
  • Regional Network of Subs and Material Providers Shared amongst all App Users
  • Pre-Funded Scope Lines guarantee performance and payment