Focus on product and people. Not cashflow.

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Welcome to Your New Manager

First things first, this App was designed and built by 2 General Contractors seeking a better way to do projects. We took years of issues and problems that we have faced in the field (and office) and tried to out-think these issues with a more constructive way to start and finish flips profitably. To remove the red tape and get back to the reason we started this business in the first place, the enjoyment of the project.

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Operational Value-Add

  • Pre-Funded Accounts – mean that we can focus on the work and not worry about how the Subs are going to get paid. Rate of Speed will increase 15-30% over traditional jobs.
    • No more cash-flow-shuffle with multiple projects.
  • Guaranteed Funds for You and your Subcontractors. When a Scope is released by the Owner, the funds for that line are set aside and ear-marked by the system.  The Contract is guaranteed and only needs Approval to fund the release.
  • Schedule of Values is agreed ahead of the project and published. Clear vision of what the agreement is and what the values are.
  • One Click Change Orders with the Owner or Sub are super easy. Right from the phone, with photos, and approval is digital in real-time.  No more notarized paperwork.
  • With the ability to pay subs quickly and digitally, the supply of qualified Subcontractor increases, causing costs to decrease. Simple Economics = Supply v. Demand.
  • With a shared network of Subcontractors and Material Providers we can find new Subcontractors easily
  • Having Profiles on the network allows us to check and review the work of Subcontractors.

Administrative Value-Add

  • Reduced Overhead:
    • Pocket Invoices from Subcontractors are issued in the App attached to their original contract. Invoices are simple and come with geo-tagged photos for work verification.
    • One-Click Change Orders allow both parties to issue and agree on a any change from their phones. Contract values are changed instantly and everything is recorded in the App.
  • Certificates of Insurance and W9’s are issued automatically when a Subcontract is issued and are stored in the Project File for reference.
  • Being listed on in the Network allows Investors and Owners to find us. This is a great Sales tool that costs nothing to be found and discuss a job with an Investor/Owner.